Sunday, 17 February 2013

Maple Syrup Fudge

Today I made fudge! I got a sugar thermometer from my parents at Christmas (I had asked for one...!) and this was the first chance I had had to try it out. I opted to make Maple Syrup Fudge - I love maple syrup so this really appealed to me!

And it was really successful! Here is a fancy looking picture of my fudge...

It's creamy and smooth and everything fudge should be! I plan to take some to my bookclub on Tuesday - if my OH doesn't eat it all before then!

I got the recipe from Miss Hope's Chocolate Box from Hope and Greenwood, which is full of lovely recipes for chocolates and sweets and what not. It has a recipe for Maple and Pecan fudge, but as I wasn't sure about nut allergies for people at bookclub, I left out the pecans. Next time I want to try making either Turkish Delight or Marshmallows from Hope and Greenwood's Life is Sweet.

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