Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Top 10 (well, 12) nail polishes... so far!

With the fairly recent development of my nail polish ‘interest’, I have had come across some really amazing and beautiful polishes, and I wanted to share my favourites here.

My collection isn’t particularly extensive, or varied in terms of brands, though that has slightly been rectified with my discovery of Llarowe and Harlow and Co... Oh dear! Also, as I have said before, whilst my nail polishing technique looks absolutely fine from a distance and stands up to showing friends and colleagues what I’m wearing, it isn’t anywhere near impressive, regular or neat enough to take photos of and share on here! So, I’ve linked to some nail polishes blogs, whose owners have the most beautiful nails and swatches, so you can see what these look like!

1)     a-enland - Beauty Never Fails

From the Heavenly Quotes Collection by a-england. Firstly, the name of this polish is taken from a letter Edward Burne-Jones, one of my absolute favourite artists, to William Morris. With my love of the Pre-Raphaelite movement (did you see my last post?!) and Burne-Jones, I had to buy this one. It also is absolutely gorgeous so a win all around! Even with the blackened base, it doesn’t ever appear as ‘black’; the shimmer always gives it a depth and in the sun – wow!

You can see beautiful swatches of this here from Fashion Polishhere from Ommorphia Beauty Bar and here from Lucy's Stash

2)      a-england - Perceval

A completely beautiful metallic red - it really does glow! Swatches can be found here from The Polished Perfectionist and here from The Swatchaholic.

3)      a-england - Tristam

Pictures of this nail polish were what got me looking at a-england in the first place, and I bought it in my first purchase. Gorgeous, gorgeous blue polish with scattered holo - I love it! See it here at Scrangie and here from  from The Polished Perfectionist.

4)      Butter London - Two Fingered Salute

This was my first Butter London polish and I was inspired to  buy it by The Polishaholic’s inclusion of it in her 2012 round up. And I was not disappointed when I wore it myself! It is really unusual, at least to me, with the lovely dusty light green colour with copper/pink glitter and I couldn’t stop looking at it, as it is just so pretty.

The Polishaholic's beautiful swatch is here, another here from Kellie Gonzo and one final one (because I love it so much!) here from A Polish Addict

5)      Essie - Angora Cardi

So, a gorgeous dark, dusty rose/mauve crème. I picked this one up in a Boots on a whim and loved how it looked on me! See it here at Scrangie.

6)      Essie - Beyond Cosy

I wore this one at Christmas and it is so sparkly! It's not quite silver and it's not quite gold - it's just really pretty and was perfect for the festive season! Lovely swatches here from The Polishaholic here and from Ommorphia Beauty Bar here.

7) Illamasqua - Raindrops  

This is a lovely soft grey jelly with silver flakes - its recently been reintroduced to the Illamasqua line and it is beautiful - I can see why everyone loved it so much the first time it came out. See it here at Scrangie and here at Pointless Cafe.

8) KBShimmer - Oh Splat!

This was one of my first purchases from Harlow and Co and one I stayed up late so I could get it in the launch – and it was worth it! I wasn’t sure about white nail polish at all, as my only experience of white nail polish before had been a white crème for going to the London Olympics and it had looked and felt like I was wearing tippex! But this – now, this was amazing! It looked much softer than my tippex white, and the glitters in did really make it look like paint splatter! Gorgeous swatch of it here from Manicurator.

9)    OPI - Steady as She Rose

I wasn’t sure how this one would work on me when I bought it, but I liked the idea of a dusty pink, and when it was on just looked right – the dustyness of it prevented it looking sugary sweet on me. Swatched here by Polish or Perish and here by Let Them Have Polish.

10)      OPI - The World is Not Enough

This nail polish is not only a really stunning, unusual colour but also is particularly special to me as it was the nail polish that I was wearing when my fiancé proposed to me! See it here at The Polishaholic and here at Lucy's Stash.

11)   OPI - You Only Live Twice

I wore this polish at work and got so  many compliments on it – it’s so vivid and the sparkly really shows up, but it’s not too ‘bright’ a pink for me. There are swatches here at A Polish Addict and here at Lucy's Stash.

12) Picture Polish - Monroe

This is the 'reborn' version of Monroe and is full of lovely holo - see it here at The Polishaholic and here at More Nail Polish.

Hope you have enjoyed this run through of these lovely polishes and have been having a good weekend! 

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